Fibreglass Repairs

We specialise in quality fibreglass repairs/products, whether big or small, Polyester and Vinylester epoxy resin, gel coat repairs, re-application of gel coats, fibreglass boat insurance work, fibreglass floor repairs, stringer repairs, transom repairs, plug and mould making and vessel design and manufacturing. We also build customised fibreglass products of any size or any design including custom built ice boxes, duckboards or extensions, hardtops, modifications etc.



As all boaties know, there will always be some damage to a fibreglass hull no matter how well you look after it. Water and fibreglass make a great double act when there are no holes. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can lead to oxidation of the protective outerskin of a fibreglass boat (the gel coat) leaving a cloudy, dull or chalky finish. Gelcoat is essential as it seals the fibreglass from water, moisture and damaging UV rays.